Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Almost done

Sometimes it seems that I spend forever with a painting in the "almost" done place. I have been working on a full sheet watercolor of the Lotus at Echo Park in Los Angeles, CA.

This is such a fabulous place. In the middle of an eclectic and sometimes gritty neighborhood lies a truly beautiful lake, complete with fountains, ducks, a bridge, pedal-boats, and in Summer - Lotus.

This year's lotus was disappointing, it looked like half of the lotus was gone, but the year before it was everywhere, and there was even a Great Blue Heron fishing in the middle of the lotus!

Now, if you are from Florida or other places where these great birds are common, I suspect that seeing a heron in the middle of LA doesn't seem fabulous. But it is. They just don't like people, hubub, and general commotion.

That is what the painting is about. Of course it is not done yet. Hope to finish it tomorrow.

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